Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zappa Big Band Debuts: THE MUSIC OF BJORK

Clint Allen's 'Zappa Big Band' continue their exploration of playing music by artists that actively cross musical boundaries; - postmodern music which often asks the players to approach the score from a variety of musical perspectives.

After playing the music of Frank Zappa to sell-out audiences in 2010, the Zappa Big Band turn their focus to the music of Icelandic songstress, Bjork.

Bjork's diverse and eclectic musical style has been influenced by many different pop and avant-garde musicians and genres, including alternative rock, jazz, electronic dance music, classical, folk, ambient and trip hop.

The idea of performing the music of Bjork is a conscious and deliberate decision by the band to further investigate crossover music. Postmodernist philosophers like Jean Baudrillard emphasise how the barriers between art, literature and a wider political and social life are now non-existent. Postmodern music favors eclecticism in form and musical genre, and often combines characteristics from different genres, or employs jump-cut sectionalization. It tends to be self-referential and ironic, and it blurs the boundaries between "high art" and kitsch. Daniel Albright (2004) summarizes the traits of the postmodern style as bricolage, polystylism, and randomness.

The band will tackle 20 of Bjork's most eclectic compositions, including "Alarm Call", "Human Behaviour", "Hyperballad", "Unison", "Pneumonia", "Venus As A Boy" and "Who Is It".

The band will also debut a suite of Bjork scores that world-renowned trumpeter, Dave Douglas recently performed at the Teatro Manzoni in Milan (Italy) last month.

Tickets will be on sale in March, 2011.

Alto 1: Scott Griffiths
Alto 2: Shane Palmada
Tenor 1: Darren McPhearson
Tenor 2: Di Tolmie
Bari Sax: Joe Roberts

Trumpet 1: Clint Allen
Trumpet 2: Shane Purnell
Trumpet 3: Mal Wood
Trumpet 4: Tom Morison

Trombone 1: Adrian Head
Trombone 2: Josh Yaniw
Trombone 3: Ben Marks
Trombone 4: Matt McGeachin

Piano: Kellee Green
Guitar: Matt Carpenter
Bass: Craig Kickbush
Drums: John McDermott
Vibes & Percussion: Dave Kemp

VOCALS: Luize Scott